The Analytics Academy’s goal is to empower users with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their data goals and provide an immediate return on investment. Our unique and people-focused training plan has been refined using years of experience in empowering users to drive a truly data-driven culture, find meaningful insights and grow their visual storytelling skills. We will work with you to ensure your organization is set up for success and able to continue asking smart questions of your data, long after we are gone.


Whether you are a team of business analysts looking to learn a new tool, or a Business Intelligence Manager wanting to take your organization’s Tableau development skills to the next level, we will work with you to take you from amateur to expert.

Our unique, flexible classroom training consists of multiple levels, The Analytics Academy School, College and University, designed to enhance and test your skills, ensuring the knowledge sticks and can be applied to your ongoing real-world business problems.


We understand that the needs of a business are often unclear and subject to change at a moments notice, along with varied skill levels and tight deadlines. This often requires a greater level of flexibility around training and enablement, therefore we can easily provide you with a custom enablement plan to suit your specific needs and situation. Please contact us for more information and to find out how we can help.


Since day one, The Analytics Academy has been strongly rooted in training, documentation and creating clear, concise guides for users of all skill levels. Whether you want to learn the fundamentals of Tableau Desktop, or create powerful visualizations in Looker, our training manuals cover a wide range of skill levels using The Analytics Academy’s School, College and University model.

Do you find yourself asking questions like: What is the right type of visualization to use? How do I use an LOD function in Tableau? What is the correct format for LookML in Looker? How do I ask smart questions of my data? Our comprehensive and easy to follow training manuals are designed with the end user in mind, people-focused and packed full of helpful hints and tips for all skill levels.

Are you a novice Tableau user? Try our School of Tableau Modules 1-3. Experienced SQL analyst with BI tool exposure? Try our University of Looker for a more advanced audience.

Contact us for more information on how our training manuals can advance your organization’s skill level.


Our aim is to help you solve your real-world business problems, remove the blockers and enable you to focus on what matters to you without the confusing jargon and unnecessary delays. Our people-focused approach lets us work closely with you to help shape the future of your business, with solutions, strategy, technology and analytics that will help you grow.

We are a results-driven, people focused firm that aims to help you solve your data problems.

We believe in a transparent, no-nonsense approach and our ethos is what sets us apart. To discuss how we can help you, get in touch.


Effective use of data requires a solid foundation on which to build your analysis and business intelligence platform. In a data-driven business, all your engineers should be data engineers and concerned with the quality, accuracy and timeliness of the data you produce. Analysis and reporting that consumes your data necessarily involves modelling and validation. We view these two aspects as a continuous spectrum. Whether you need support to set up a data pipeline, guidance on how to structure your data model, or data monitoring and anomaly detection solutions, The Analytics Academy has the expertise to help.


Our belief is that all decisions should be data-driven decisions.

Gone are the days of leaving choices to chance, following a hunch or flipping a coin. Data gives organizations the power to make matter of fact decisions about the actions they take. Our aim is to make your people data people.

Analytics is studying the past, determining possible futures, researching trends and investigating the effects of decisions and events to enhance efficiency and profitability. You might have the largest volume of data in the world, but without smart insights, this is useless.

What does a smart insight mean to us? It’s knowing your customers, their behaviours and needs. It’s understanding the market trends and competitor offerings along with your position. It’s producing insights that are easily understood, digestible, beautifully presented and most importantly, actionable.

Whether it is defining an analytics roadmap to help set you up for success, or building stunning, intuitive analytics dashboards, or using our expertise in visual design that provide your entire organization with the information they care about, when they need it, we are here to help.

Using our years of experience of best practice, refined processes and the right tool for the job we can help you achieve analytical greatness whatever the size of your business. Ready to get started?


With today’s abundance of infrastructure tools and services, it can be hard to find the perfect solution. Every business has different needs, which will determine whether on-premises self-hosted systems, cloud platforms or some combination are most appropriate. Even considering the basics such as which BI tool is right for your business can sometimes seem nightmarish, especially early on in your data journey. The Analytics Academy has experience with a wide range of businesses, their data, tools and services enabling us to provide the perfect solution for any business, whatever stage of your data journey you are at.


Sometimes it really is the little things that make all the difference. With that in mind, the Code Clinic was born. Our experienced consultants will work alongside your dedicated teams in a short term capacity to help enhance and optimize your code, reports and data solution. This could be anything from working through your LookML code in Looker to make this more performant and easier to digest, or using some funky functionality in Tableau to create powerful visualizations. Making the most of your in-house resources, we are here to help you with the day-to-day housekeeping that so often gets overlooked. Want to do it yourself? Try our documentation library for best-in-class practices for a variety of tools and languages.