Our story

The year 2018, saw the birth of Jeff Bezos’ 10,000 year clock, scientists from the University of Michigan create an “Everything Repellent”, NASA plan an exploration to the interior of Mars, and The Analytics Academy formed.

The Analytics Academy was founded because we recognize and understand the need for a more human touch in the world of consulting.

In 2008, mobile phones had 4GB of internal memory; today a phone with 10 x that is subpar. Data volume is growing every second. Our need to consume, understand and translate data has never been greater.

At the The Analytics Academy, we understand that not everyone is technical, or understands the ambiguous buzzwords or confusing jargon in today’s data driven world. We began helping businesses consume, understand and develop actionable insights from their data by identifying the need, the pain point and helping businesses utilize their best asset; their people. The Analytics Academy develops and refines full enablement programs to ensure users feel confident and equipped to drive change through data in their organisation.

love data. love growth.

What we do

Our mission is to help businesses, users and consumers grow through the power of data. The world of data can be a daunting and challenging one; so, whether you are a start-up just beginning your data journey, or a publically listed heritage company looking to revolutionize a single step, The Analytics Academy can provide you with the technical expertise and strategic guidance you need.

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